Photo story "Wild Landscapes of Bulgaria"

The photographic exhibition "Wild Landscapes of Bulgaria" presents 22 photographs of the young photographer Dobrin Minkov. The photos take us to the magic untouched lands of Bulgaria, showing us the dynamics of the different seasons, the elements of nature and the breathtaking views from above. The author tells about each of the places in Rila, Pirin, Rhodope Mountains and Stara Planina, which he photographed, and gives a geolocation to the description of each photo.

The exhibition allows us to immerse in foggy mornings and blood red sunsets, shows us familiar places from unknown points of view, reveals the beauty of Bulgarian nature - its raw but also gentle side, the peace and tranquility it brings. Moments of intimate connection with nature, which Dobrin Minkov captures and shares with us.


Sunrise at Popova kapa peak. The peak is situated at 2704 m in the Rila National Park. The park was established in 1992, in order to preserve complexes of self-regulating ecosystems and their inherent species diversity, as well as habitats of rare and endangered species, which are of global importance for science and culture. There are 120 natural lakes on its territory, mostly of glacial origin.

DD 42.177806, 23.406278

View from Parangalitsa Peak Towards South Rhodope

Parangalitsa peak is located on the territory of "Parangalitsa" Biosphere Reserve. The reserve was created to preserve centuries-old spruce forests and the habitat of many mammals and birds.

DD 42.008472, 23.400417

Pazar dere in fog

Pazar dere is part of Rila National Park.

DD 42.188989, 23.301198

Danube River

Река Дунав и нейните влажни зони съхраняват изключително високо биоразнообразие. Те са местообитание за много застрашени животински видове и важна зона при пролетната и есeнна миграция на птиците.

DD 43.981699, 26.181893

Muratovo Lake

Muratovo Lake is a glacial lake located at 2230 m above sea level at the foot of Muratov peak, located in Pirin mountain. The lake is located on the territory of Pirin National Park, whose nature reserves are part of the network of biosphere reserves under the UNESCO "Man and Biosphere" programme.

DD 41.745750, 23.405528

Spring in Balkan Mountain

Spring waterfall in the foot of Botev peak, highest in the Balkan mountain. The waterfall is located on the territory of the Southern Dzhendem Reserve.

DD 42.703833, 24.908861

Otovitsa Ridge

Sunset on the Otovitsa ridge, situated in Rila National Park.

DD 42.197583, 23.289389

Sunrise at Beglika

Golyam Beglik is a dam located in the Western Rhodopes at an altitude around 1600 m. It is part of the "Beglika" reserve, preserving many protected and endemic plants, mammals and birds.

DD 41.797750, 24.117806

Balkan Mountain

Kuru dere is located within the Sokolna Reserve, located at the foot of the Triglav Massif, part of Central Balkan National Park. Central Balkan is one of the three national parks in Bulgaria. There are 9 reserves on its territory, eight of the nine nature reserves are on the UN list of Representative Protected Areas, and four of the nature reserves are included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves under the UNESCO "Man and Biosphere" programme.

DD 42.710334, 25.116625

Spring Crocuses

Crocuses аrе a genus of flowering plants in the Iris family (Iridaceae). Spring crocuses are among the first flowers to bloom after the snow melts. The photo was shot near Strashnoto lake (lit. transl. "The Scary Lake") , part of Rila National Park.

DD 42.180639, 23.399528

Shiroka Polyana Dam

Shiroka Polyana is a dam located in the Western Rhodope mountain at 1500 m above sea level. It is located in the protected area "Shiroka Polyana", created for the purpose of preserving a beautiful area for recreation and tourism.

DD 41.755934, 24.173918

Belogradchik Rocks

The Belogradchik Rocks are a group of naturally shaped colorful sandstone and conglomerate rock formations. They are located on the western slopes of the Balkan Mountains near the town of Belogradchik.

DD 43.607000, 22.667806


Sunset at Musala peak.
Musala is the highest peak in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. It is situated in the eastern parts of Rila mountain at 2925 m above the sea level. It is part of Rila National Park.

DD 42.178806, 23.584833

Todorka Peak

Todorka peak is a massive granite peak in the Pirin Mountain situated at 2746 m above sea level, part of Pirin National Park.

DD 41.755444, 23.433083

Autumn in the Rhodope Mountain

The valley of Vacha Dam, seen from Bekovi skali (Bekov Rocks panorama).

41.955024, 24.397815

The Old Beech

The centuries old forests of Central Balkan National Park.

DD 42.699917, 24.938944

Spring at Rhodope

This photo is from the region of Ortsevo village, one of the highest situated villages in Bulgaria.

DD 41.953525, 23.746416

New Year’s Sunset

New Year's Eve Sunset above Kalinini peaks. View near Ivan Vazov hut (2300 m above sea level), part of Rila National Park.

DD 42.189472, 23.283639

Rhodope Shepherd

The geographical and climatic characteristics of the Rhodope mountain are favorable for free livestock breeding in the open and - in this case - sheep breeding. The photo was taken near "Kehayovi" farm.

DD 41.756694, 24.452889

Winter at Vitosha

Vitosha Nature Park is the first protected park in Bulgaria. It is an important area preserving rare and endemic species . It is part of Natura 2000. The organized tourist movement in Bulgaria originates from Vitosha mountain.

DD 42.546765, 23.317487

Raysko Praskalo waterfall

Raysko Praskalo (lit. transl. "Heavenly Sprinkler") is 124.5 m in height and it is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria. It is located in the Central Balkan National Park.

DD 42.701139, 24.925417

Vihren Peak

Vihren peak (2914 m), highest peak of Pirin mountain. It is located on the territory of Pirin National Park.

DD 41.767194, 23.399056